State-Of-The-Art Diagnosis

The reason for much of the confusion about jaw problems, as well as poor treatment success, is a lack of a definitive diagnosis, as well as a failure to identify all the causes of all the symptoms. 

With the busy practices most doctors have, they are not equipped to take the time necessary to discover this critical information. 

Too often, the mindset is “You’ve got jaw pain, let’s try this.”  The treatment recommended often reflects the training of the clinician you are seeing. 

A physician may write a prescription, a chiropractor will try manipulating something, and a dentist may recommend some treatment on the teeth, or a piece of plastic to be worn on the teeth. 

In other words, in too many cases, the treatment is determined by the type of doctor the patient chooses to go to for help.

Our office is dedicated to taking the time necessary to understand the needs of each individual patient, and to make a definitive diagnosis before treatment is recommended.

To assist in this diagnostic effort, we utilize the best methods and technical equipment available today.  This includes a state-of-the-art Cat Scan (CT) that is specialized for focusing on the jaw structures.  This equipment uses much less radiation than medical CT’s found in hospitals.  It provides us with a very detailed picture of the jaw bone structures and associated tissues.