Communication Is Critical

We always welcome your inquiries and information you may wish to share about your patients.  Please feel free to call or email us with questions or suggestions regarding any of your patients we are currently working with.  Also, I would welcome your concerns regarding any new patients you are referring.  Our phone number is 801-328-3127.  To send us an email, please click here:

For each new patient I examine, I dictate a report.  This report includes the history of their symptoms, pertinent past medical history, chief complaints, examination findings, diagnosis, recommended treatment, and estimated treatment time.  We send this report to the referring doctor, the patient, and any other clinicians involved in their case.  Therefore, if you have not received this report about a patient you referred, you can be assured we have not yet seen them.

I also dictate a report, addressed to you, at the end of our active treatment with the patient.